Nicki - London
I found the coaching sessions really beneficial in helping me move towards my ultimate goal of leading a healthier lifestyle. We had 6 sessions and I came out of each with clear, defined actions to take to help me along my journey. I am really happy with how the sessions helped my overall progression. Many thanks!’  

Nicky, London


‘Being coached for 6 sessions by Michelle has been very enlightening and powerful for me. Michelle’s manner was always positive and praising. I admired her great listening and feedback skills of recalling achievements I had forgotten I had been successful in. The overall impact of my coaching with Michelle – I feel more powerful to do and achieve things for me only. I have a stronger motivation to continue creating successful results. Also, I am much happier to move forward.’

Andrea, London


Miriam Cuddihy - Surrey
‘My Coaching experience with Michelle was amazing.  My goal was to eat sugar free foods to support my healthier eating.  The result was over and above my expectations.  Michelle really opened up my thinking and I am now far more adventurous and creative in my food preparation.  One thing I really liked about Michelle was her excellent memory in reminding me of things I had mentioned in previous sessions.  I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a health and wellbeing coach.’  

Miriam Cuddihy, Surrey


‘Michelle took me through 3 coaching sessions based around my health and wellbeing with a focus on bringing exercise back into my life more regularly around my long working hours and busy lifestyle.

I found Michelle very easy to talk to and relaxed which worked really well for me, and she has a very lovely way of talking to people as she is very calm and friendly.

I felt more motivated to do more with my exercise the more I talked it through and assessed the current situation for myself and understood more about what was stopping me and getting in the way.

I felt 3 sessions was a good starting point for me to think deeper for myself….’

Kayley, London.


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