About Me


Michelle Lynette

Michelle is a fully qualified Personal Development Coach.  She has a wealth of experience having led teams in the corporate environment and having coached and mentored people, either in their careers or towards their health and wellbeing goals.

She has a Software and Engineering qualification and has also studied with The Coaching Academy, the leading UK coach training company.

Ironically, she started her career programming systems for large corporates but now chooses to help people reprogram and redesign their own lives through her Personal Development Coaching.

‘Seeing someone transform their life over a few sessions is hugely rewarding’ says Michelle & she wishes everyone could experience the positive impact Coaching has on one’s life.

Whether you’d like to:

  • work on your career goals
  • improve your health by shedding a few pounds
  • introduce more fitness & vitality into your weekly routine or
  • reduce stress and anxiety levels

Maybe you’ve been through a traumatic life changing event and want to plan the next step?

Whatever your goal, contact Michelle for a *No-Cost 30 minute Discovery Session.

You can do this by emailing michelle@everythinggood.co.uk or filling out our contact form.

and don’t forget to send us your email to stay connected…